My dreams don’t haunt me anymore, she shoos away my phantoms

Loves me more that anyone else, handles all my tantrums.

She held me when you made me cry

Held me close and tight so you wouldn’t pry.

Never lets me get off track

If I go wrong, I’ve got her back.

With everything going wring only more understanding she gets

Never leaves me alone nor my birthday she forgets.

She makes me food, styles my hair, even tucks me in bed.

Has no doubts, helps me out, never makes me sad.

Through good and bad, from afar or near,

She has always been here.

During laughs and smiles, fights and tears,

She has always been here.

She’s a part of my strengths and my fears,

She has always been here.

She loves me all night and day,

May I always have her I pray,

She keeps bad people at bay,

I don’t need anybody else because my mommy dearest is here to stay.