He was every bit a charmer sauntering his way through the hallway,

His hair on point, smirk in place.

Her breath hitched in her throat at the way he came close

But didn’t go any further, that fucker stuck to the bro code!

Sometimes he’d look at her with such intensity in his eyes

Then check out some random chick and complement her ass twice

So much in response to her feelings mate?

Just shut up already and ask her out on a date!

At times she could see through his heart and soul

Later he’d pull his guard back up and continue being an asshole

Couldn’t he be simpler like the rest of the human race?

And not treat her always with an almost poker face!

With all his denying ways she was familiar

All she wanted to know was if he felt something even remotely similar.

She still wouldn’t let him make her feel wrong

Swiftly walk past him, her ‘ We’ve never met ‘ game strong.

She’d read cliché love stories and blog and fangirl some

Tell her heart he’s not the one, and that her prince was yet to come.

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