If you brought smile to one weary face today
Or arms to some crippled you did give
If you received one heartfelt ‘thank you’ ,
You’re worth, you have a reason to live.

If you thanked the lord for your happiness
Or remembered him in your grief
If one of your simplest wishes came true,
He needs you to live.

Be it having your favorite bread for breakfast
Or meeting a long met friend
It shows that you matter,
That all your problems he would mend.

So save your wrist,
Don’t let it slit.
For the little girl you helped on your way by,
Would never want to see you cry.
For the limp man still stands on the way,
He has a ‘thank you’ to say.

During your roughest nights and loneliest days,
People need you in the simplest of ways.
So remember that you matter,
You make the world better.
No matter how little you give,
You’re worth, you have a reason to live.

I’d really appreciate all kinds of feedback x