I want to sit idle and imagine things,

Let my mind wander to lands that do not exist.

Talk all day to people with thoughts so same,

All manipulation and money and fame

But get back to my fictional people so innocent, so tame.

I want to read and speak and sing so loud,

To scream and shout, then pose and pout.

This monotonous life’s chains I want to break,

Have nothing to do with people so plastic, so fake.

Ridiculous stories in my mind to make,

Then get up suddenly and bake a cake!

And when people go away and the lights go dim,

Put on my nerdy glasses and get in my skin,

All the mean people I want to ditch,

Just get back to my hardbounds – clean and well stitch.

And late at night when I go to bed,

Write poetry about things that make me sad.

About that boy who I always see,

The one that manages to make me giddy,

And all other things that bother me,

For my books are my little infinity!

~Nida 🙂