Meanies all around I see

Some despise me, some want to be me.

Learning lessons everyday,

To not trust people in any way,

Your fears you share today,

Are used tomorrow against you in every possible way.

The person who promised to stay,

Ignores you the very next day,

The girl you thought would never betray,

Swiftly takes your man away.

In this world full of people so pretentious,

Can’t fit in, ain’t that contententious.

Kindness, compassion, love long lost,

Selfishness, enmity, hatred are brought.

And mere humans boast around,

Ambitious ones pushed back to the ground.

Then some I see with so much scope,

Have been pushed so far that there’s left no hope,

With such a world I cannot cope,

And you tell me not to be

A misanthrope.


Misanthrope: someone who expects only worse from people/ a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

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