The other day I was reading through my biology textbook. The topic was ‘Human reproduction’ and halfway through reading about placenta, I couldn’t stop myself from awwing and wowing. I realised how immensely talented a female human body is and how beautiful is the relationship between a mother and the baby in her womb. Euphoria hit me and l felt this warm, fuzzy feeling and almost felt like asking somebody to put an 8 cm baby inside of me so that I could feel it all, but then I wouldn’t very well be able to be a teenage mom so I let it go.
Though the same day, one of the things I added to my ‘things to do before I die’ list was to be a mother. I’d really regret if I die before having the experience of dwelling an actual human inside of me. To feel another human’s heart beat along with mine. And hold a little pink 50 cm human in my arms and shred tears of joy that’d be worth shredding and then hold it’s little finger and compare it’s palm to mine and blabber about how I’d done something worth in my life without fucking up or rather go still and simply adore the little one I created.

This is my first attemt at prose. Feedback would be appreciated x

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