I have this wonderful woman in my life,

In my heart she’d forever dwell,

She checks on my skin and pats my hair,

And makes sure I nourish them well.

And every time I visit her,

Makes sure I have something in return

Like get henna applied on my hands

Or buy me jewelery

Or give me life lessons to learn.

Even warns me about beautiful guys,

With pretty hair and mesmerising eyes.

This wonderful woman is my Nana-

So strong and healthy and fierce

Never ceases to bug me to get my nose pierced!

She talks about her good old days,

With such admiration in her eyes.

Doesn’t fail to surprise me,

She’s so calm and beautiful and wise.

She somehow knows when I’m broke,

And when I need clothes and shoes,

My Nana is such a genius

She secretly slips me money too!


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