Era was about to get to class when William stopped her. From his backpack, he quickly pulled out a rectangular object wrapped in brown paper and handed it to Era.
           Examining it, she said, “It’s a book.” She had always been fond of presents but Will gave her a bit too many. “You need to stop getting me things or I’ll fall on love with you!” she said exaggerating. “Well, it’s not like I’d mind” said Will scratching the back of his head. “Well, it’s not like I won’t” snapped Era. “Oh c’mon don’t be mad. You know you cannot say no to a book Era! Open up” encouraged Will.
          Sighing, Era slowly unwrapped the brown paper. Inside was a copy of her favourite e book that was yet to be published. The spiral binding showed that the papers were separately printed and put together. “Oh my, Will! How did you? I mean..” she fumbled with words. She loved that book so much, she had read it thrice on her phone’s 3.5 inch screen. “I manage. Now you don’t need to strain your eyes reading on that pathetic excuse of a phone” said Will. Era frowned and murmured something on the lines of loving her phone.
        Will always knew what to get her. The gesture truly touched her heart. “This is so thoughtful, thank you” she said looking up and pulled him in a clumsy hug.


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