I checked my email today, and this one mail from WordPress drew my attention. My first assignment on Blogging101 asks me to quickly click ‘new post’ on my blog and write about why I’m here; blogging. So, here I go.

I am a seventeen year old science undergraduate, and I’ve lost count of the number of times people come up to me and ask me as to why I opted for science when I’m good at writing. I had a real bad internal battle with myself when I was stuck between continuing with science at degree level or switching to arts to fetch myself an English literature degree. Since I’ve forever wanted to major in biology, I chose to stick to that. However, I am not quite ready to give up on trying something that comes so naturally to me. So, here I am.

Also, running a blog makes me feel worth, and the slightest of compliments make my day! Every post I write calms a little part of my voracious brain, leaving me a little more sorted. I learn so many things from fellow bloggers and my thought process has shaped so much, I refuse to stop. I love big words and I cannot lie; I learn so many of them here, which makes it even better.

I intend on growing a little more as a person every single day. A year from now, I’d love to get into some sort of freelance writing business, work my way on being a science journalist and grasp every opportunity coming my way. I fall short of good, honest critics. So, I would really appreciate if any of you would offer me some feedback and help me get better.

PS I feel really happy after writing this.

~Nida Khan

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