If there’s someone I tend to stop and think about in the most difficult of times, it’s my father. What would he say if he were here? What would he do if he were caught up like this?
He has taught me a whole lot of things and corrected me on them time and again. Some more precious than the others- those that he taught me without saying them out loud to me.

He taught me that the strongest voice isn’t the loudest voice in the room, it isn’t the most sensible one, it is indeed, the most convincing one.

Battles can be won and lost by the sheer tone of speech and less by the words used. The mildest of words with a stressed tone would ruin you; the harshest of words with the correct tone will do you the needful.

Knowledge is everything. Everything.

No part of your education will ever get wasted. Even if you don’t make a career out of your degree, the things your learn will always get you out of tricky situations.

Always steer clear of conflicts. Get your work done without creating one, without fueling one.

Your confidence doesn’t have to be loud and showy to be visible, it can sit in a corner and still be at its best display.