To every human I’ve encountered before,
Don’t you fear oblivion
For people like me, the observant ones
Dont forget the mildest of your gestures
I’ll remember if you smiled at me; an assuring one
Before an exam as I bit my nail in nervousness
When you, a random guy shielded me
As I stood in the middle of a busy road
Contemplating on continuing to cross it
You, who complimented me;
On my hair, my work, my smile, or speech, or so
If you ever bought me a present, or
Offered me food,
If you sat by me, hearing me ramble;
Or shut me up and rambled to me,
If you made me cry; or let me cry on you
You made me dislike the human race, or
Made me laugh till I snort my food
If you held the door for me, or
Gave me a grateful smile when I did for you,
As long as my head is sane and memories
I can recall,
I will remember you and
Then some other would.