Dear Tejaswini,

As I write this, I feel your dark, kohl clad eyes guarded by thick glasses stare back at me. You’re probarbly wearing a sarcastic graphic tee, or something with stripes; there’s always something with stripes, or that red hooded jacket you wear when you need some emotional comfort, or a denim shirt; you wear those a lot. And those smug blue jeans that make your legs look so fit and some flip flops or sandals that you ordered online. You order so much stuff online, it’s amusing. I have known you for not more than 10 months and have grown to like you so much, it’s so unlike me.

You have so many friends, it makes me cringe. But you’re so good to everyone so, ofcourse you would. I can feel you asking me to go out more and talk to more people. I feel you talking in my head a lot, it’s crazy. That’s how much your presence simply has influenced my introverted self. I even miss you during vacations. That is so unlike me, too.

You are not someone who would instantly brighten someone’s day, my day. You don’t make my pulse quicken, or make me anxious, or nervous. To me, you are consistency, stability, calmness, a home to come to. You make me want to talk, and argue, and think. To go on walks with and talk, to forward links to videos and blogs, to build my vocabulary with, to get breakfast with, to try DIY scrubs with, to discuss music and books and words and religion and global issues and men. It’s scary to find myself opening up. You make me smile and giggle a little too often, and think; constantly making me think. I take pictures and videos of you and pull my phone out for pictures with you only to find myself smiling at it later that day. It feels so wierd, but, I do it nevertheless. I’m always learning when with you and smiling and frowning and debating and smiling even when I lose. You’re so strong yet humble. I couldn’t even track myself growing so fond of you. I feel myself growing with you without having to try; it feels beautiful and safe.

I would want to marry someone like you. Someone who can make me think, bicker on petty issues, learn with, offer warmth and calm with their sheer presence. I can picture your hand gestures as you narrate events to me and feel your eyes brighten when something intrigues you. You are simply adorable and I adore you.