Dear Fatima,

I don’t voice out my affection, but if anything, my actions would do the needful for you. That is because I sit and hear you talk. You make so much sense all the time, I listen and absorb.

You are so pragmatic, it keeps you away from all the senseless stuff our times offer. You are head strong and hard working. You don’t even glance at someone else’s patch of grass to see how more or less greener it is than yours but do best with what you have. That is how confident and secure you are with yourself. The way you intimidate people without having to try because of your low tolerance to bullshit makes me smile. It’s true, I have seen demeanours change and people be on their best behaviour on encountering you. Your aura demands respect and people offer you no less.

With subtle features, luscious hair, and ample of beauty, you are self motivated and fierce, knowing well what needs to be done when. Most others and I will always recall you first for being the amazing person you are, and later for your tiny waist and tall frame. If I’m sure about somebody doing extremely well in the future, it’s you. You are going to be a breadwinner and a homemaker, a manager and sustainer. You are going to excel in whatever you do. No wonder you’ve been named after one of the greatest women in history.

For being always so helpful, soft spoken, caring. For being so ladylike and conquering things like a women, I adore you.